Game of thrones quotes

Game of Thrones Quotes Without Conspiracy Theories

When George RR Martin began writing a book series called A Song of Ice and Fire nearly 20 years ago, he had no idea it would be adapted into one of the most popular TV series ever made. When you read and watch this incredible contents, all the battles, the characters and the complex storylines, you can't help but wonder where he found his inspiration. There is real chance that of some of Game of Thrones characters may be loosely based around real-life historical figures. And although George RR Martin doesn't say much on the subject, and has never confirmed these fan made links, it's not hard to find similarities between the two.

As we witnessed in the article on HoopoeQuotes (click here) there are also many other characters that we cannot link to any historical personality. I thought to combine the two and make an article on my favorite characters, but on the same time on Game of Thrones quotes. So, here are my favorite characters with some of their best quotes from the show.


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