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Game of Thrones - A Bundle of Theories

Everybody loves the good theory. That's why you've got at least one friend who thinks that making Bush did 9/11 signs to the sporting event is hilarious. But no TV show’s quite got the tinfoil hat and amongst us so excited as Game of Thrones.

After finally getting a resolution to literally years of R + L = J speculation.  We now know the theories are weirdly warped somewhere inside George RR Martin's mind. I mean, look at his face, there's some message going on in there.

What I've always enjoyed about Game of Thrones, though, is this seeds planted that's born speculative theories about the universe, even as early as episode one. People made observations like the one that everyone King Robert touches when he first arrives at Winterfell ends up dead. Okay that's fun, isn't it?

In this blog I plan to go through a few popular and less popular fan theories. Bearing in mind I find all of these equally plausible, and they definitely don't get more ridiculous as the show progresses. This is a serious subject that I take seriously, and I would never dare to insult the intelligence of any fan of a TV series that's practically one really long movie.

Anyway, with season eight coming, you can pretty much smell the blood. So, join me and let's take a terrifying scroll down to the speculation station.

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