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You’re not watching Game of Thrones?

For those who are regular dwellers on this site, the idea of not watching Game of Thrones seems almost ludicrous. What else is there for you to do with your life? And more importantly, why would you put that ahead of having a weekend season marathon? Only kidding, obviously there are plenty of you who have no doubt ventured onto the site to find out more, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

Game of Thrones is a HBO series that has quickly sealed its place in the hearts of the young, nerdy and mainstream alike. Based on the book series by author George R.R. Martin, the show is an epic tale of fierce battles, backstabbing and adventure. So any lovers of Lord of the Rings and other fantasy tales will absolutely hate it… In all seriousness we can understand might have kept you away, but you ought to watch the pilot at least. Why you ask?

- The story telling is compelling. Cliffhangers, witty dialogue, and the odd case of mass heartbreak among the viewers is not uncommon. You know how most TV shows, books and movies are fairly predictable? Not the case here. A lot of the time you’ll be completely thrown by the plot twists.

- The series was based on a book series that was extremely well written. And the creators have done their utmost to maintain this high standard. So any worries you may have about the writing lacking can be erased. Adaptations can go wrong, but it hasn’t here.

- The cast are perfect for their roles. You could tell from the first episode how much effort was put into the casting process. The show could have very easily fallen flat, due to how character driven it is, but whether you’re watching Peter Dinklage, Samwell Tarley, Kit Harrington or Tyrion Lannister, you will feel strongly about each character, thanks to them. Whether you love or hate them.

- The adaptation is faithful. Martin has been involved in the production of the series from the very beginning, and it’s helped steer the series on its faithful path.

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